FM to AM Radio Converter

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FM2AM - FM to AM Converter / Transmitter for Vintage Radio

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FM2AM converter designed for antique/vintage radios without FM tuner.

This converter receives the FM station and rebroadcasts it on AM.

No installation is required!

It has an auxiliary line in, so it is also possible to broadcast audio from a Bluetooth, phone or a MP3 player.

Any vintage radio nearby the broadcast field of the converter can tune to the AM signal.

Technical specifications

  • Simple to use interface.

  • FM tuning range: 87-108 MHz

  • FM auto search and manual search

  • 5 non-volatile memory positions for favorite stations.

  • AM broadcast range: 522-1710kHz (high stability, PLL controlled)

  • Maximum modulation level: 100%

  • Power Input to final RF stage: 100mW (complies fully with FCC Part 15 regulations)

  • Auxiliary line in over-modulation indicator and gain adjustment.

  • 20Hz to 20kHz ±1 dB audio response, low distortion

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Warranty includes: replacement or repair for 2 years after purchase date.

Of course, item must be returned in the condition it was received. Physical damages or tampering the item will void warranty.